Xcelskydiving Takes Over STS

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July 8, 2017
Thanksgiving 2017
November 19, 2017
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Xcelskydiving Takes Over STS

Michael Wadkins with Xcelskydiving joined us over the weekend and mentored several of our jumpers as they evolved into coaches and instructors. We welcomed guests near and far, and each one of them brought their own uniqueness and personality to the course, which created an amazing atmosphere.

We opened up Friday for some afternoon jumps, and sent flights up all weekend. With the full moon shining bright, night jumps were a major success Saturday night. We were able to make two night loads, with one jumper – Joe Lohmuller – completing all the requirements for his D License. Congratulations Young Joe!

The weekend was a major success with our candidates graduating from the Coach / IAD course. Congratulations to Ian Young, Heather Oberloh and Ryan Oberloh for obtaining their coach rating; to Ryan Oberloh, Mary Carver and Joe Lohmuller for obtaining their IAD rating; and to Tom Fortner for obtaining his SL-I rating! Great job coaches and instructors…time to mentor students and BE THE CHANGE!

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