Flight-1 Comes to Skydive the South!

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May 14, 2017
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Flight-1 Comes to Skydive the South!

What an exciting and informative weekend we had here at Skydive The South! Our experienced jumpers took advantage of Kaz Sheeky with Flight-1, hosting their 101 and 102 canopy courses over the weekend. They learned the dynamics and flight of their personal canopies, as well as landing patterns and proper flare techniques. The improvements our jumpers made were impressive!

The course began Saturday morning and consisted of classroom time as well as canopy flight. With a slight weather delay first thing Saturday morning, the class participants were only able to complete 4/5 jumps the course covers for the day. Sunday turned out to be beautiful though, and the jumpers were able to complete all five jumps for the day, as well as the one missed from the previous day.

A few of our jumpers hit milestones over the weekend…Heather Oberloh made her 100th jump and you know what that means…hope she likes whip cream! Ian Young and Jackson Boyett completed the requirements needed for their B License…time for heli jumps boys! Next time you see these guys around the drop zone, make sure and tell them congrats!

Our jumpers truly enjoyed this experience over the weekend, and look forward to having Kaz and Flight-1 back out in the near future. If you missed out on this event, contact us to find out when we will be hosting another one…or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all future events.

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